Sunday, January 13, 2008


Every now and then(i.e. When I'm feeling lazy), we'll have a linkfest of neat things found around the net. Ranging from geekery and mad science to simply awesome.

Since I think everybody needs a time waster, I submit TV Tropes where no plot device or character is new under the sun. In fact it's been used, reused, and overdosed a few times before it actually arrives, and now you can see how all your favorite shows, books, and movies are all a comglomeration of tropes and stereotpes. Either way it'll pull you for a few hours.

Doomsday Device Keychain for the inner villain in you that can't wait to laugh as they burst into your inner sanctum and say "Escape this, superfools!" while the walls come crumbling down around you(Become a load bearing villain today!)

On a sweeter note, 3d Printing with sugar! Or, your very own replicator, Star Trek eat your heart out. Actually that's probably exactly what would happen. "Earl Gray, hot....What is this? Sugar water, in a sugar cup?!?"

Also worthy of mention is this week's Dresden Codak and the appearance of the Future Preenactment Society. "Because the best history has yet to be written." Truly, the memoirs of the Gorilla Guerilla War are a sight to behold.

A modern interpretation of Carmen Sandiego by college humor. Language warning...actually massive language warning, but quite funny.

To close up with something a little more kid friendly, we have Baby's First Mythos something that looks like an awesome gift if any of your Lovecraftian friends manage to actually breed(a frightening thought to be sure).

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DocGestalt said...

I am desperately looking for that "Doomsday Device Keychain" but ThinkGeek doesn't carry it any longer. Have you seen them anywhere else?