Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Linkfest 2

Being in the mid-week schlump and not quite ambitious enough to post another book review yet, here's another linkfest.

Five Most Horrifying Bugs In The World because it's possible that you aren't quite terrified enough of creepy crawlies. Actually there aren't really creepy crawlies there as much as bitey and stingeys, though the last one does fit. Just...keep them all away from me.

On the lighter side, we have A Gentleman's Duel a steampunk romantic comedy. Or at least an excuse to watch animated steam powered mechs and some vast....tracts of land!

On a similar vein...well, as similar as steampunk romance can be to pre-apocalyptic zombie comedy, is Tofu the Vegan Zombie. As an added plus one of the voice actors is Ellen Muth, who starred in Dead Like Me, frightening off door-to-door missionaries. Anyways, go watch, and ask yourself, can love(and mad science) conquer death?

This I found really intesting, Sweet Power, or how to convert natural sugars in our blood into a continuous power supply. Those biomechanical implants you always wanted for your android future self are getting closer as we speak.

And for the inner geek.... Star Trek XI Trailer. First thoughts: Neat! And then of course the pedantic mental voice started going crazy over the difficulty of building a spaceship on-planet. But we will not go into mindless fan-chatter right now, let us focus on the fact that there will be a new Star Trek movie soon, not to mention hope that it's better than the last few.

Finally, we end with Troubleshooting your Time Machine. A serious business, at least if you don't want to end up in giant pig-mantis ruled medieval France.

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