Sunday, August 24, 2008

Linkfest 7

Well, I do apologize for not updating this recently....but with moving to another state and starting grad school, time has been at a premium. So hopefully the linkfest will appease you all for now, because it's either this or nothing.

So what could be better than Batman The Dark Knight? Batman The Musical! Well, better in terms of riotously amusing at least. I couldn't stop laughing after hearing some of the songs, and there was no Joker Gas involved, honest!

Besides, the CD would be wonderful taking up space along with the Evil Dead Musical which unfortunately is about to close according to their website.

I have two words to describe this....Genius, Pure Genius. A gift for the geek friend who can't take the hint, D20 Soaps. It's a sad situation where one has to resort to these measures, but it's for the greater good that we do so. Of course, on the other hand, one already wonders where some people's dice have been, do we really want to encourage them?

Oh, and for anyone confused about the whole digital TV transition that's going on, my friend has posted up a fine guide.

Finally, Geekdad has a pretty entertaining list of some of the more ridiculous Transformers out there . Not that some of them aren't tremendously entertaining(Waspinator dezztroy catbot!) but others are in the "what were they thinking" category.

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