Saturday, March 29, 2008

Linkfest 4

This time the focus is on what we've been watching, our favorite time wasters of the hour/day/week that we've stumbled upon. Thank youtube for stealing away hours of potential work, of course, some of it really is pretty cool.

Lets start off with two from blinky500, I'm Powergirl Dammit! Now if that isn't the perfect Powergirl then I don't know what is. And I have to say, the music choice really ties the whole little skit together. Well, if you can tear your eyes away from the trademark cleavage hole....hmmmmm(by the way, check out the bloopers for Bizzaro tapdancing). Also, as you all know, I've a soft spot for minions and henchmen for their uncelebrated daily labors for evil overlords, masterminds, and villains of all sorts. I see Henchmen as a celebration of these symbols of the working man, or woman, or serpent person.

A classic but a goodie, from Songs of Couch and Consultation, The Will To Fail by Katie Lee. I'm sure we all have someone in our lives that this will relate to, on one level or another.

Speaking of such, The Guild is one web humor series that calls out to your inner gaming addict. Funny and intelligent, despite having to wade through all the usual gaming cliches, it just keeps on getting better. Take your stereotypical net group dynamic, add in a dash of neuroses and a sprinkling of miscommunication and you get one dysfunctional group of gamer geeks trying to get through the dangers of RL(not to mention the dangers of using a ;) instead of a :) when you make smiley faces. Otherwise you might just end up with a gnome on your doorstep that won't go away...gnomes....)

Of course, after all the failure from the above, you might be getting ready to make a noose out of that ethernet cord...fortunately according to one geeky gaming redhead at least, nerds are sexy. Though, we here at Maniacal Laughter object heartily to the claims of a hero complex....a villain complex on the other hand. When you can sling a hostage over your shoulder and scream out random obscenities, while laughing at the top of your lungs...that's when you know you've hit the big league. (Ever notice that even villains that aren't especially known for physical prowess are able to pull off a flawless over the shoulder hostage carry? Which is even more impressive when you realize that so few of them employ the fireman's carry, all that hostage meat is over one shoulder, it's amazing I tell you! Amazing! Or else I'm just analyzing this way too deeply)

I know it might be a bit behind the times, but if you haven't seen it already, let me tell you, Dinosaurs Rock! But if you don't have enough rock in your life even with that, then let me add this. Gun Music, I challenge you to listen to it, and not succumb to the temptation to headbang or do some airdrum motions(Air gun motions?)

Oh, and this is a little gem. Street Fighter: The Later Years. Whatever happened to the fighters after the tournament? Being a world fighter doesn't include many life skills.

That's all for now. Next linkfest theme will likely be either Pulp or Steampunk, anyone have a vote on what they want?

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